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2-Fourth TUESDAY of the month from 11 am at a different location.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Three wise Amiras in Dubai.

Our Friday trip to Dubai was great afternoon but of course it would have been greater if you all Amiras came along.

Charmaine my driver to Dubai was so smooth in her driving that i was so relaxed all the way , am not sure if it was the driving or the endless talk we had ;P.

It didn't took us long to arrive to Madinat Jumeirah and was just about the same time that Lindsay arrived.
After few minutes of consulting the board the three of us headed to the Dôme café where I indulged myself with an Ice Chocolate drink recommended by Charmaine.


isn't it yummy????? Charmaine didn't fail the chance to have one of those after the meal.

While waiting for our food , I showed the girls the new DMC embroidery threads i got by mail that morning..
A limited Edition "secret perfume" , yep yep !!! threads with a scent to revive our senses while cross stitching..


They smelled so nice...apple ,vanilla , honeysuckle etc.....

Charmaine showed us her finished Cherry Blossom top


such a beautiful knitting!

As for Lindsay , she had the shock of her life when she got her pizza...


no no , this is not how she looked like when the pizza arrived , her reaction was amazing that i wasn't fast enough to capture it....hihihi......

An hour or so later, Jhocy arrived with her family to the café and they sat on a different table so they can have their lunch as a family... maybe around an hour later Anna Lisa arrived and joined us , so did Jhocy..


from left to right: Lindsay , Charmaine , Jhocy and Anna lisa. (me behind the camera always).

Time past quickly chatting up with the girls, looking at books , WIPs and yarns.
At 5pm we went down the stairs for the Christmas fair to meet up with Jenny ..


..lots of AH! and OH! at her kiosk..


Somehow we were very reasonable in spending our money and believe it or not Charmaine didn't buy any wool at all...what a scandal!!!!


At around 7pm , the girls headed home but Charmaine and I hanged out for an hour more in the souq for some Christmas gifts shopping...
On the way home , we wished several time you were with us that day....until we meet next Friday ....enjoy the Eid holiday !!!


Sydney said...

I wish I could have made it out there! The pictures look so good. But I am looking forward to our next get together!

Kundi said...

No fair having fun without me!

shm said...

Hiyaaa Amiras,

I just discovered your group. I knit and crochet and would love to meet you all. Give us an announcement on your next visit to Dubai.So we can meet up ^_^

Happy knitting,


Kathryn said...


I just discovered your group. Are you meeting in July? Where do you buy yarn in the UAE?