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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bootie calls on Saturday night!


As usual, it was great fun seeing you ladies on Friday! Much needed break from my thesis :)

Last night I decided to be brave and cast on for the first Sarrtje bootie (my first attempt at pattern following).. the pattern for the bootie calls (hee hee hee.. sorry i HAD to) for kbf, pm, m1, ssk, k2tog.. all of which i looked up in youtube.. i'm not sure i got them all right.. i have a few funny looking stitches.. but I had the right number of stitches in the end! yay! I finished 80% of the first one.. I'll post up pics on ravelry soon..

Oh and my friend sent me a txt last night saying she watched Her Say (the Dubai one version of The View) and they brought in a lady who knits and possibly owns a knitting store in Dubai to the show .. her name is Buffy/Buffi?.. i tried but couldn't find her online.. we should find her..


Kundi said...

I caught part of the show on Sunday and the quiz question was about Buffy. I've tried to find her online, but haven't had much luck.

Jess said...

Hi this is Jessica from Hersay. Buffi Jashanmal is the designer who we had on the show. She has a knitting group called Knit and knatter. They meet mainly (from memory) at Moor Cafe on weekends. She also knits for charity specifically the Womens Shelter. She is also knitting fake breasts with flowers on them for women who have had breast cancer... fake prosthetics... a very very great idea. She has a website www.quietriotdubai.com its specifically for her clothing designs but you could get in touch with Buffi via the contact us link. Hope this helps.